AKC Registered Labrador Puppies in Whitehall, MT

What are your prices?

Prices depend on pup color, and whether or not you want breeding rights. If you don't plan to breed, you'll have to provide proof of spay/neuter before we can release the AKC paperwork to you.

Without breeding rights:

Black, yellow, chocolate -- $1500

Light Silver, charcoal silver -- $1800

With breeding rights:

Black, yellow, chocolate -- $2100

Light silver, charcoal silver -- $2400

At what age do puppies get to go home?
Puppies get to be picked up once they are 7 - 8 weeks old.

What colors of labradors do you breed?

We regularly produce chocolate, yellow, black, light silver, and charcoal silver labs. Occasionally we get a (rare) champagne lab. In the next couple years, we hope to bring in the fox red color to our breeding program.
How do I get on the wait list? / How does the deposit process work?
We take a $200 non-refundable deposit to secure a spot on the wait list. This $200 goes toward the final price of the puppy. When puppies are born, we start calling deposit holders in the order that their deposits were received. Many times people pass on a litter due to timing, color/sex, or other personal reasons. Deposits are honored for up to two years, so eventually everyone gets the exact puppy that they want. In order to get on the wait list, we have to get your info, and then we send you the square link to pay the deposit.
Are your labradors, English or American?
Our dogs are bred to be right down the middle. A good mix of English and American, with minor characteristics leaning one way or the other, depending on the dog,
How long is the wait for a puppy?
This is a hard one to answer. The wait depends on the heat cycles of our females, how big our litters end up being, how many deposits are ahead of you for a given color/sex, and what other deposit holders do. Many times, deposit holders pass on a litter due to timing, color/sex, or other personal reasons. Right now, we are producing 7-8 litters per year, with somewhere between 6-10 puppies per litter. We will be expanding our breeding program in the next couple of years, so that we can keep up with demand.